Selling Costs

• Lawyers fee
As a vendor you can choose whether you want to have a lawyer to represent your interests at the time of selling your property. The cost of a lawyer in Portugal differ. If you want a recommendation, we are very pleased to help you.

• Income tax = IRS/IRC- Imposto sobre o renidmentos de mais-valias rendimentos 

"Capital gain" is profit obtained from the sale of your property which is bought at a lower price. You (or your representative) have to report the sale of your property within a fixed period of time after the final deed to the tax department. The amount of capital gains tax that has to be paid varies depending on a number of things (being a Portuguese resident or not, having deductible expenses or not, year of purchase etc. etc.)

• Agencies fee
In Portugal the seller pays the cost of the real estate agent. If you would like to know further information regarding our agency fees, please contact us.